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Arcade Casino Games

Online Casino Arcade Casino Games

Arcade Casino Games With No Deposit Required At Select Playtech Casinos
Online casino game players play Arcade Casino Games At Online Casinos. Playtech Casino offer arcade casino games such as :
Derby Day, Penalty Shootout, Bonus Bowling, Heads Or Tails and more.
Arcade casino games require a little skill - usually only during bonus round play.
Practice your arcade skills with no risk to your own personal funds with no deposit free play online casino arcade games.

Play the best arcade casino games at Playtech Casinos
All arcade casino games can be played in the "Play For Fun" "Play For Free" platform
Arcade casino games can be played for fun or real cash money.

derby day
Horseracing Arcade Casino Games - Top Pick - Derby Day
The thrill of horseracing with real cash prizes. Place your bets with a virtual racetrack

Derby Day - One Of The Best Arcade Casino Games For Horseracing Fans
Spend a day at the Races without leaving the compfort of your own home!
On the left of you screen, there is a list of horses participating in the upcoming race.  Click on their names to view and compare them (up to two horses can be displayed at a time).
The “Points” column reflects the current form of the horse. The higher the points, the lower the payout for that horse.
Going and weather:
Status of the going and weather are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
These affect the horses just like in a real race. The effect is more or less equal on all horses
In the center of the screen, there is a table showing all bets you have made for the current race.
You can place up to nine bets per race. If you want to cancel a bet, click on X in the rightmost column of that bet.
Payouts are calculated according to horse point amounts, going and weather.
If the payout for a horse is below 1, it appears on a red background. Bets for these horses are not allowed.
These are the different kinds of bets:
Winner – This is the simplest bet. You win, if the horse you selected, wins the race.
Exacta – You need to predict which horse finishes first and which one second.
This is harder to guess correctly, so the payout is higher as well.
Place – You win, if the horse you selected, finishes first or second.
Show – You win, if the horse you selected, finishes first, second or third.
Pick IV-V – Here you need to predict the first four or five horses in the exact order. It is up to you,
whether you predict four or five horses.  Five horses is harder to predict, so it pays better.
When you have placed your bets, click Race to start the race!
If any of your bets win, you are paid according to the payout for these bets.

Multiple wins are added up.
rock paper scissors
Childhood Favorite Arcade Casino Games - Top Pick - Rock Paper Scissors
A fun arcade game for all ages!
Rock Paper Scissors -  One Of The Best Arcade Casino Games For All Ages
Rock Paper Scissors Online Casino Arcade Game  - A new twist to a favorite of the young and old alike!
All you have to do is choose one of the three options (rock - paper- scissors) that you think will defeat your opponent.
Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beat Paper and Paper beats Rock. - You play against the computer.

Game rules:
First, choose a bet amount by clicking on the + and - buttons in the lower left corner of the screen.
If you lose the game, you lose your bet amount.
If it is a draw (both you and the computer make the same move), your bet is returned.
If you win the game, you are paid 1.9 times your bet.

Winning Streak Bets:
You can also bet on a winning streak. To win the bet, you have to win many games in a row.
Winning streak bets for 2, 3 or 4 matches are available.
You must win the corresponding number of matches in a row.
Draw means you lose the bet. The payouts for winning streak bets are:
Winning Streak  Payout
2 matches  =  your bet x 8.7  -  3 matches  = your bet x 26  - 4 matches  =  your bet x 78
The winning streak mode remains active until you click Quit Streak Bet
bonus bowling
A Night Out  Arcade Casino Games - Top Pick - Bonus Bowling
Knock down the bowling pins for cash! Just like the real game of bowling  $ Strikes  $ Spares
Bonus Bowling - One Of The Best Arcade Casino Games For "A Night Out" Players
Bonus Bowling is not just for the Big Leagues. Become a champion bowler
Your objective is to predict the outcome of a bowling throw with this arcade game.

Betting - Bonus Bowling
First, place your bets by clicking the + and - buttons on the corresponding bet field.
You can bet on the number of pins knocked down, on Strike (when all ten pins are downed with the first ball)
or Spare (when all ten pins are downed with two balls).
You can place several bets at once. When done placing your bets, click Throw .
Two balls are now thrown (except in case of a strike, when the second ball is not thrown), and bets are settled.
Click Throw again to place the same bets again.

Golden Frame - Bonus Bowling
Golden Frame is a special game round.
If a strike is thrown during a Golden Frame, you win an amount that is 10x your total bet for this round.

penalty shootout
Sports Arcade Casino Games - Top Pick - penalty Shootout
Simply pick your direction -  kick and score !
Penalty Shootout  - One Of The Best Arcade Casino Games For Sports Fans
Grab your favorite lucky charm and get ready to beat the goalie!
You are a striker and you want to put the ball behind a notorious goalkeeper famous for his ability to save penalties
Choose the amount of your Bet. Then choose one of the five areas (direction) displayed on the screen where you
want to "kick" the soccer ball - then click KickIf the goalkeeper saves your shot, you lose. If you score a goal,
you will win your bet amount multiplied by the odds multiplier displayed on the kick direction arrow.
As with real soccer play choosing a difficult area - such as bottom or top corners will produce a WIN.
Practice your skills before you play for real

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Play arcade casino games with no deposit required at online casinos.